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Hello I'm Penguins, but you can call me Lizbeth! I am 21 years old and live in the chilly state of Alaska. I have a culinary degree and love to bake. I am excited to do some book reviews with recipes and food incorporated once in a while! My favorite genres are young adult romance and young adult dystopian/fantasy. I have been obsessed with penguins my whole life and one day hope to own one, and it can live in my bathtub. ; )

Hi, I'm Ashley, the tea lover of this duo. I'm 22 years old and a social work major. I run a booktube channel called, teaandbookbindings. I love YA and MG and my favorite genre is fantasy. I'm a huge Disney lover which has led to a love of fairytale retellings. I participated in the Disney college program at Disneyland for Fall 2013. I will relate books to Disney at any opportunity that I can :) I love tea and own way too many mugs in which to drink the tea out of.

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